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A blog is a high-value, low-cost way to build your online business presence and keep your website fresh. But not all blog content is created equal.

In 2011, the Internet search landscape changed with the introduction of the Google Panda algorithm. Still being refined by Google, the Panda algorithm ranks thoughtful, authoritative sites higher than websites populated by filler or duplicate copy and factual errors.

Quality counts. A high-ranking blog drives organic search traffic to your site, increases lead conversion and keeps existing clients on board. When you need optimized, informative blog content, Raising the Bar Media can help.

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In one year alone, Raising the Bar Media researched and wrote more than 13,000 optimized blogs and site pages for hundreds of companies. Whether you are in the legal, corporate, health services, or technical area, we promote your expertise and create new business relationships through targeted, well-written content.

We can help you raise the bar on your company profile and website rankings. Feel free to check out our samples.