Corporate Ethics and Compliance Courses

Reduce Risk with Effective Ethics and Compliance Training

Targeted instructional solutions improve corporate compliance

Business success and sustainability depend on a strong, ethical corporate culture. An effective compliance program defines ethical boundaries and helps protect your company from regulatory violations. Raising the Bar Media delivers targeted instructional content to address compliance at each level of your organization.

We help you meet regulatory and ethical requirements with comprehensive compliance training

In the current regulatory environment, companies must offer their agents and employees governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) materials that respond in letter and spirit to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGOs). Raising the Bar Media has more than 20 years of experience developing GRC materials for a wide range of clients in numerous industries, including Goldman-Sachs, Northwestern Mutual, Ingersoll-Rand, and many more.

Some key points to keep in mind

Effective compliance training is essential to meet regulatory requirements, maintain ethical business practices, and avoid severe penalties that can include fines and even incarceration. Consider these points about governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) training:

  • Timing: Do not delay—the time to train your employees is before a costly violation occurs.
  • Focus: Ensure that your training materials are specific to the issue and employee.
  • Quality:  Engage each organizational unit with relevant, high-quality instructional material and forums.
  • Technology: Take advantage of multiple distribution channels to get your message across.

Raising the Bar Media creates engaging video, electronic, print, and other instructional materials that address a broad spectrum of compliance matters:

  • Finance, fraud, and accounting issues
  • Business vulnerabilities such as loss or leak of client and proprietary information, vendor security, conflict of interest, and collusion
  • Worker training issues such as discrimination and harassment training and other regulatory topics

When you need expertly written and informative compliance training content, Raising the Bar Media can help.