Legal Press Releases

Press Releases Enable You to Take Control of Public Relations

Attorneys have always stood out from other professionals as community leaders and drivers of progress and social development. That is why even the most competent and dedicated attorneys may find themselves overshadowed by their peers if they fail to engage with their local communities and media. Well-written legal press releases allow firms to gain visibility, manage public perceptions, and even leverage local media for essentially free public exposure.

There are many circumstances when a law firm may want to utilize the media through a press release:

  • Publicize a firm or attorney’s major litigation successes
  • Provide information regarding ongoing cases of public import
  • Express support or opposition to proposed legislation or public action
  • Raise awareness for charitable and community concerns the firm supports

When creating your legal press release, we understand the critical importance of accuracy, clarity, and discretion. This is especially true in releases involving past or current cases where issues of legal ethics and client confidentiality must be considered.

With a staff that includes practicing attorneys and experienced PR professionals, Raising the Bar Media is fully equipped to effectively get your message out while still addressing your professional concerns.