Integrating Social Media Platforms

We Deliver Quality Content that Supports Your Social Media Strategy

Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and similar sites get brief messages to a user community and build loyalty. These social marketing services only provide information to active subscribers, but some social media content is syndicated or linked to other sites so that it may be reused. For example, a Twitter feed may be used as the content for Facebook or LinkedIn, another wall post or newsfeed, or even an SMS text message.

Think outside the content block

Social marketing can be used to share creative content across these channels. We can help you develop creative ways to engage potential customers using social media such as:

  • Contests
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Infographics
  • Top-ten lists

Twitter builds your reputation and engagement

Twitter is a social media platform that brings attention to content on your main site or a social media site through posts called tweets. Although a tweet may only be 140 characters (including spaces), it can be a very powerful form of communication. Tweets should be written in a direct and friendly voice. Subscribers who find the information helpful can retweet or click through to read a post and be directed to a website, blog, or other social media. At Raising the Bar Media, our social media managers help you get the most business value from Twitter’s instant communication capability. Let us help you:

  • Create a Twitter strategy
  • Tweet real-time news about your practice or business from a courtroom, tradeshow, or event
  • Leverage trending news topics and popular hashtags
  • Define content calendars for tweets
  • Set up the right type of professional Twitter page
  • Monitor and respond to tweets and retweets
  • Retweet content to build your visibility

Start a conversation through the use of effective social marketing

Whether you are interested in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media platform, we help you engage social media with a focused marketing strategy and cost-effective content writing services. Talk to us at Raising the Bar Media today to discuss how social media and quality writing can help your business successfully compete and grow.