Linking Strategies

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies Include Link Building Practices

In addition to keywords, search engines look at how links flow into, within and out of a web page. Search engines can and will penalize a website that seems to be buying links or appears to be linking to or from dubious sources. Search engines also review links that point to other web pages within the website or other websites. A good digital marketing strategy includes careful review of relationships created by the links to and from your website.

The content specialists at Raising the Bar Media develop digital marketing strategies that include:

  • Link signals and how they apply to your business and your website
  • Types of links that best suit your visibility goals
  • Fresh, high-quality content to create, maintain and expand linking opportunities

Within the digital ecosystem, change is rapid.  We offer experienced, knowledgeable guidance to keep your website content and business profile fresh. When we develop content for web pages, we also develop a linking strategy among pages. Plus, we research and link to and from authoritative sources to improve the SEO quality of your website.

Talk to Raising the Bar Media when you have questions about content management, link building or digital marketing strategies.