Use Facebook to Help Build Your Consumer Business

In the USA, 15 minutes of every hour spent online is spent using social media

With more than 160 million active monthly users in the U.S. and more than a billion worldwide, Facebook is not a novelty. It’s clearly an established communications medium. Facebook is where consumers are—and a Facebook marketing strategy is essential for competitive companies. By leveraging the connections among friends and fans on Facebook, posts appear in newsfeeds and information spreads among potential customers.

It takes time to manage a business Facebook page, but it’s worth it

Creating a Facebook marketing strategy for your business is very different than having a personal Facebook page. A professional Facebook page requires regular monitoring and content planning to keep your community of potential customers engaged. Keeping content fresh and interesting and quickly responding to comments and questions can take a lot of time. But once you have your business page established, Facebook provides reporting tools that help you understand the effectiveness of each post.

Did people like your post?  Did they share it with friends?  Who shared more, men or women?  Old or young? How should you use Facebook advertising and promotions? We use Facebook’s analytics and reports to develop content that targets your potential customers and encourages them to share with other potential customers. We can help you:

  • Define your Facebook marketing strategy
  • Set up the right type of professional Facebook page
  • Monitor and respond to comments and messages
  • Develop a Facebook content calendar
  • Create interesting interactive, shareable content such as quizzes and top 10 lists
  • Comment, share, and like content on other pages to increase your visibility
  • Develop copy for Facebook campaigns

Facebook advertising and promotions and events are effective

Your business can also take advantage of Facebook’s events to reach more people. You can invite your page’s fans to events such as an open house, webinar, or lecture. Facebook invitations are shareable so people who get an invitation to an event or promotion can share it with their Facebook friends or email a link to others.

Many people have their Facebook calendar integrated with their smartphone and other online calendars. This means that when they get a Facebook event invitation, it will appear in their calendar until they actively decline the event invitation.

This constant calendar reminder is more persistent and much less costly than a paper mailer or even an email. Because this persistence can be annoying, Raising the Bar’s social media specialists help ensure that your event invitation is engaging, handled professionally and maintains your brand integrity.

We create quality ad copy for social media marketing

These days, it’s not enough to have a website. And it’s not enough, either, to advertise with Google Ad Words and other search engines. You need to advertise on Facebook, too, and perhaps other social media—especially if you are targeting a consumer audience. Raising the Bar can work with your organization to create and review its Facebook marketing strategies and suggest promoted posts.

Facebook ads are effective and inexpensive. They can be precisely targeted using a wide array of demographics (e.g., male opera lovers in New Jersey older than 70). Whatever you need, Raising the Bar Media can help you create and manage compelling, creative and professional Facebook ad copy.