Legal Newsletters

Newsletters Attract Interest and Keep Existing Clients Engaged

Retention of clients can be a serious challenge for attorneys in all areas of practice. Even satisfied clients may go years without needing legal services. As that positive experience recedes to the back of their minds, they become less and less likely to return to the same attorney in the future or to refer that law firm to a friend who needs legal services.

Providing past clients with a periodic legal newsletter keeps you fresh in their minds, increasing not only your retention rates but also the referrals you receive from satisfied clients:

  • A high-quality newsletter is an excellent way of remaining an unobtrusive part of your clients’ lives so that you are the first name that comes to mind when they or a friend need legal advice or counsel.
  • Legal newsletters drive business by informing clients of recent changes in the law and how those changes could affect them.

Raising the Bar Media analyzes how legal newsletters and other tools can fit into your comprehensive content marketing strategy—while working closely with you and your staff to ensure that the newsletters and client communications we produce reflect your legal interests, values, and philosophy.